SpeakerOn Car Kit v.1.7.7 (21 February 2011)

SpeakerOn is a useful application for BlackBerry smartphones designed to be used in your car when you are driving. It has specially settings which allows you an easy use of the phone while you have to keep your attention on the road while driving the car. For example, when you get up in your car and plug-in the car charger, the SpeakerOn service is automatically enabled. If you answer an incoming call or make outgoing call, the service will automatically activate the loudspeaker / speakerphone so that you just simply talk without to touch the phone.

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Key features:

  • GPS enabled.
    Using internal GPS option SpeakerOn will enable SpeakerOn mode when you begin drive.

  • Counter-down mode
    Set up SpeakerOn mode for limited time period at once.

  • Scheduler mode
    Enables SpeakerOn mode by schedule. Usual used for recurring travels, like a road to office and back to home.

  • Charger mode
    The SpeakerOn mode can be automatically enabled when you get up in the car and plug-in the phone compatible car charger, and will be disabled when charge disconnected. If you have active craddle in your car - this is a best choice for safe driving with your BlackBerry.

  • Holster detection
    SpeakerOn will disable when you put your BlackBerry into magnetic holster. You do not need to disable SpeakerOn when you leave the car - just put it into the holster!

  • Headset detection
    SpeakerOn will detect if you have headset connected in active SpeakerOn mode. But when you disconnect it or your bluetooth headset is discharged - all calls will be transfered via the speakerphone.

  • Auto answer
    Using auto-answer service you can keep your attention on the road. SpeakerOn will automatically answer an incoming call after a specified period. You have just to keep driving and the phone will auto-answer. You can also answer the call as normally.

  • Auto redial
    User busy? No problem. Just redial without pressing any buttons...

SpeakerOn works on: All BlackBerry smartphones with OS 4.6 and greater. Latest BlackBerry OS 6.0.334 supported also!



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